Carlos Francisco Gutierrez Payano

Carlos Francisco Gutierrez Payano

Carlos Francisco Gutierrez Payano

Name: Carlos Francisco Gutierrez Payano

Date of Birth: October 7, 2000

Baseball Position(s) played: Outfield

This 15-year-old 9th grader is the oldest of five children, with three brothers and a sister, and considers himself intelligent, outgoing and inquisitive. “I ask questions so I can learn about things,” he says.

His favorite subjects in school are Spanish and social studies.’I want to learn to read, write and talk better in Spanish so I can learn about other countries that are similar to the Dominican Republic, and I can expand my vocabulary,” he explains.

Carlos’ hero is his grandmother, who has taught him to have respect, to be loving and caring, “to give what you have, to share.” She also makes a mean bowl of red beans and rice, his favorite food.

In his spare time, Carlos likes reading, listening to music and weight lifting. He manages to catch a movie now and then; his favorite is Moneyball.

Naturally, this young Dominican loves baseball. “I have a passion for the sport,” he said. “I have developed a lot of friendships and I want to meet more people and get better.” His favorite player is Ichiro Suzuki, who plays for the Miami Marlins. “He is fast, is an outfielder like me, he has a great arm and is Asian, and they have respect for the game.”

Carlos Francisco Gutierrez Payano

Carlos has had his own moments on the diamond, recalling that once, with the bases loaded with two out a line drive came his way. “I dove and got the ball and we won the game!”

Of course, Carlos would like to make the big leagues, but is realistic about his chances. “If I don’t make it, I want a stable job,” he said, “maybe as an engineer or in business administration, or maybe as a baseball trainer.”

And that is also where taking the DRSEA classes fit into his game plan. “I want to learn a new language, and that way, if I don’t play baseball, it will help me get a good job or go to a good school.”

Carlos Francisco Gutierrez Payano

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